Mara Davidson
Designer and Adventurer

Mara Davidson

Web & Graphic Designer, SEO Expert, Social Media Marketer, and all around online guru

I love making the web look beautiful.

I'm both a designer and coder by trade. I love taking someone's ideas and integrating it into a responsive, fully functioning website.

For the past year and a half I've worked for a company in Omaha, Nebraska redesigning their website, running their marketing team, and bringing their SEO up to par.

In my freetime I run an Etsy shop, and do a bit of freelance web design on the side. I love traveling and exploring new places. I'm always looking for my next great adventure!



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Tim Kingsley Personal Website
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Tim Kingsley Personal Website

Tim needed a website. I designed one for him.

This website is a responsive V-card style website. All of the content is laid out on one html page that a viewer can scroll through with that tabs at the top. I love the seamless layout of one page html websites. To check out the full site click here.

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Marry Me Savvy Blog
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Marry Me Savvy Website & Blog

My good friend Candance, currently a blogger over at Nebraska Wedding Day asked me to help her create her own wedding blogging website.

I love the style she went with! We chose to keep everything minimal with a big bold saying across the front about love (the saying changes when you refresh the page). I built in social media links across the top and embedded a newsletter sign-up on the bottom.

Candance will be launching her website January 2014! Just in time for the new year! I can't wait for her to launch this lovely design!

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Poster Savvy Website
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Poster Savvy

Poster Savvy is an Etsy shop specializing in funny posters.

Since they do most of their sales on their Etsy shop they didn't need a huge fancy website. This site is simple with a products page, about page, and contact page. To check out the full site click here.

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Drake Magazine layout
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Drake Magazine Layout

In 2012 I was in charge of the layout at the Drake Magazine.

For this 17 page issue I mixed big, bright colors with hand illustration.

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TransWood Website Re-design
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For the past year I've worked for TransWood redesigning their website, getting their social media up and going, and running their marketing department.

TranWood wanted a completely responsive website that was easy to use. I created these large icons across the top to direct people to the most important links.

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Plans Book Layout
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Plans Book

In 2012 I worked with Blue Inc. to create a plans book for a campaign they were designing for Nissan.

I was responsible for the design of this 20 page book. It's filled with tons of charts and graphics, making it super easy for the reader to understand the information.

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    Adobe Creative Suite

  • 85%

    SEO and Internet Marketing

  • 89%

    Jquery, Responsive Design

  • 93%

    Web design

  • 83%

    PHP Development

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    java script

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  • Social Media Director & Designer
    Period: 2012-current
    Social Media Director and Designer

    TransWood Inc. 2012-Present

    -Redesign company website

    -Revise company SEO and optimize tags for Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook

    -Teach coworkers social media skills to bring in new clients

  • Brand Consultant
    Period: 2011 – 2012
    Brand Consultant
    Marriott Hotels 2011-2012

    -Rebrand the hotel to attract young business professionals

    -Provide consultation for media placement

    -Create a brand presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for the hotel

  • Marketing Director
    Period: 2011-2012
    Marketing Director
    Drake Broadcasting System 2011-2012

    -Approve on air promos

    -Design website with live stream capability -Edit promo videos and television segments

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Address: Omaha, Nebraska
phone number: 402-651-2786